What is Scarlett Panda

Scarlett Panda is a customized short stories app for children that empowers them to be their own creators. Users can create personalized stories in just 30 seconds, with options to define characters, morals, and settings. The app also offers additional features such as storybooks, meditations, learning adventures, lullabies, and more. Testimonials from parents highlight the fun and educational aspects of Scarlett Panda’s content. The app has been featured on various platforms like FOX40 and Superhuman.

Key Features

  • Instant Stories: Create unique stories in less than 30 seconds, tailored to children’s preferences.
  • StoryBook: Scheduled stories with high-quality images, customized for each child.
  • Meditation: Custom meditations for different age groups, including children and adults.
  • Lullabies: Personalized lullabies to help children relax and sleep.
  • Learning Adventures: Engaging educational content to foster learning and imagination.
  • Print Your Stories: Option to print the customized stories (upcoming feature).
  • Illustrations AI: AI-generated illustrations to enhance the storytelling experience.
  • Scarlett Panda Serenity: A new feature focusing on parenting and meditation.


Scarlett Panda Stories App:

  • Cost: $9.90/month
    • Unlimited creation of stories, meditations, storybooks, lullabies, etc.
    • Option to cancel anytime.
    • Personal library to keep stories safe.
  • Yearly Plan: $49/year
    • Includes a one-week trial for only $1.
    • Offers the same features as the monthly plan.

Please check here for more details about Scarlett Panda’s pricing.