Amazing AI

Text-to-image generation tool powered by Stable Diffusion

  • Runs offline on Apple silicon devices

  • Uses Stable Diffusion 1.5 for magical image creation

  • Integrates with Shortcuts app


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What is Amazing AI

Amazing AI is a text-to-image generation tool developed exclusively for Apple silicon (M1/M2) devices. It uses Stable Diffusion 1.5 to generate images based on text descriptions, providing a creative and magical experience. The app runs offline on Apple devices and also supports Shortcuts. The tool has received positive ratings and reviews, with users appreciating its integration with Shortcuts and its accessibility for artists.

Key Features of Amazing AI

- Apple Silicon Compatibility: Exclusively designed for devices with M1 and M2 chips; incompatible with Intel-based devices.

- Stable Diffusion 1.5: Generates images from text input using the Stable Diffusion 1.5 model, ensuring high-quality output.

- Offline Functionality: Runs offline on your computer, providing a secure and private user experience.

- Shortcuts Integration: Includes support for Shortcuts, allowing for streamlined workflows and automation.

- Multilingual Support: Available in multiple languages including German, French, Spanish, and Chinese, enhancing accessibility.

- Recommended Specs: Best performance with 16 GB of RAM, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.

- Legal Disclaimer: Users must accept the Stable Diffusion license; the developer assumes no liability for the model or generated images.

- Privacy Practice: Collects diagnostic data that are not linked to user identity, maintaining user privacy.

Amazing AI

Text-to-image generation tool powered by Stable Diffusion

Key Features

💲 Freemium

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