AI-powered quiz generator from text and videos for seamless learning

  • AI-powered quiz generation

  • Create quizzes, summaries, and notes effortlessly

  • Supports various question formats, file uploads, and YouTube links


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What is Quizmixer

Quizmixer is an AI-powered platform designed to create quizzes quickly from various content formats, including YouTube videos and text files. It allows users to generate quizzes in multiple languages, share them easily, and integrate them into websites and learning management systems. The tool is suitable for educators, HR teams, and students, providing comprehensive analytics and auto-graded assessments to enhance learning and performance tracking.

Key Features of Quizmixer

- AI-Powered Quiz Generation: Utilizes advanced AI technology to create quizzes quickly from text, PDF, DOC, PPT files, and YouTube videos.

- Multi-Format Quiz Creation: Converts various types of content into quizzes, supporting multiple question formats.

- Multi-Language Support: Allows quiz creation in multiple languages to cater to diverse audiences.

- Simple and Fast: Create quizzes with just a single click for efficiency and convenience.

- Integration Capabilities: Export quizzes in text or JSON formats for seamless integration into learning management systems or classroom environments.

- Embedding and Sharing: Effortlessly share quizzes or embed them into websites, LMS, blogs to engage students or colleagues.

- Advanced Analytics: Access comprehensive reports and statistics to track individual and group performance.

- Auto-Graded Quizzes: Streamline the assessment process with automatically graded quizzes, eliminating manual grading.

- Versatile Use Cases: Ideal for teachers, schools, corporations, HR teams, publishers, educational companies, and students.

- Personalized Learning: Offers AI-generated quizzes, flashcards, and notes tailored to individual learning styles.

- Secure and Evolving: Constantly updating and evolving AI features to ensure high standards of quality in quiz generation.


Here is the summarized pricing information for Quizmixer:

Freemium Plan:

- Cost: Free

- Features:

  • AI-powered quiz creation
  • Up to 5 quizzes per month
  • 10,000 character input limit
  • 15-minute max video duration
  • Share quizzes
  • Advanced Analytics Reports
  • API access
  • Basic chat support

Basic Plan:

- Cost: $9 per month

- Features:

  • Up to 100 quizzes per month
  • 50,000 character input limit
  • 30-minute max video duration

Pro Plan:

- Cost: $18 per month

- Features:

  • Up to 500 quizzes per month
  • 100,000 character input limit
  • 1-hour max video duration

Premium Plan:

- Cost: $40 per month

- Features:

  • Unlimited quizzes per month
  • 3-hour max video duration
  • Priority chat support


AI-powered quiz generator from text and videos for seamless learning

Key Features

💲 Freemium
🛠️ API

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