What is Instantly.ai

Instantly.ai is a cold email software platform that helps users scale their outreach campaigns through unlimited email sending accounts and warmup features. The platform allows users to reach their prospects’ inboxes, protect their deliverability with email validation and domain testing, automate and personalize emails, save time with inbox rotation, respond to leads and close deals, optimize campaigns with analytics, eliminate guesswork with cold email accelerator, and learn from a private community. It has received positive feedback from thousands of agencies, recruiters, and entrepreneurs.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Email Accounts: Connect and manage unlimited email accounts for outreach campaigns.
  • Warmup Pool: Access a pool of over 200K real human accounts for effective warmup and improved deliverability.
  • Email Validation and Bulk Domain Testing: Clean and verify lead lists and ensure proper domain setup for cold emailing.
  • Campaign Builder and Integrations: Automate and personalize emails using variables, sequences, and scheduling. Use Zapier integration and webhooks for advanced automations.
  • Inbox Rotation: Rotate sending emails between multiple accounts for natural and efficient outreach.
  • Unibox Inbox Management: Manage multiple inboxes simultaneously, mark leads, forward or respond to them, and close deals.
  • Campaign Analytics: Gain insights and optimize campaigns using advanced analytics dashboard.
  • Cold Email Accelerator: Access comprehensive resources, templates, setup guides, and instructions for successful email campaigns.