quill ai


AI-powered platform for financial research and analysis

  • AI-powered financial research assistant

  • Extract key information from investor materials

  • Supercharge your financial research


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What is quill ai

Quill AI is an AI-powered financial research assistant that allows users to extract key information from investor materials, search SEC filings and earnings calls, screen stocks, view insider transactions, analyze trends, and upload custom PDFs. The platform is praised by customers for its speed and accuracy in providing complex answers and helping with research. .

Key Features

  • Meet Quill: An AI-powered financial research assistant.
  • Extract key information: Ability to extract relevant data from investor materials by asking questions.
  • Search SEC filings and Earnings calls: Efficiently search and analyze SEC filings and earnings calls.
  • Screen Stocks: Review and analyze stock data.
  • View Insider Transactions: Access and analyze insider trading information.
  • Data Copilot: AI-powered tool to assist in analyzing trends and data.
  • Upload Your Own PDFs: Capability to upload and analyze custom PDF documents.


Quill AI offers three pricing plans: Basic, Pro, and Premium. Here is a summary of the pricing information:

Basic Plan:

  • Cost: $9/month
  • Features: Access to Quill’s SEC, Transcript, and highlighting tools. No chat features. Similar to BamSEC, but cheaper.

Pro Plan:

  • Cost: $39/month
  • Features: All features of the Basic plan, plus single-document AI chat, Capital IQ, and Excel integrations.

Premium Plan:

  • Cost: $90/month
  • Features: All features of the Pro plan, plus custom PDF uploads, multi-document AI chat, and AI chat screener features.

They also offer an Enterprise plan with advanced integrations and custom support. The pricing details for the Enterprise plan are not specified, but interested customers are encouraged to contact Quill for more information.

Note: The pricing information is based on the available content and could be subject to change.

Please check here for more details about quill ai’s pricing.

quill ai

AI-powered platform for financial research and analysis

Key Features

💰 Paid

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