What is PromptoMANIA?

PromptoMANIA is an AI art community platform that features an online prompt builder. It allows users to create intricate and detailed prompts for text-to-image diffusion models like CF Spark, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion. The platform aims to make AI art creation user-friendly and accessible.

Key Features

  • Human-Friendly Prompt Builder: Allows users to create prompts for different diffusion models easily.
  • Stable Diffusion Support: Trained on the LAION dataset, it offers one of the best diffusion models for creating reproducible images.
  • Grid Splitter: A unique tool that separates composite images into individual pictures.
  • Custom Styles and Parts: Added features that let you change between diffusion models and carry over your work.

What Sets PromptoMANIA Apart

Here are some advantages of PromptoMANIA compared to other AI prompt builders like AI Text Prompt Generator and AI Prompt Generator by Coefficient.io:

  • Free to Use: Unlike some competitors, PromptoMANIA is entirely free.
  • Multiple Diffusion Models: Supports a variety of diffusion models, including CF Spark, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion.
  • Grid Splitter Tool: Unique feature that separates composite images not commonly found in competitors.