What is Public Prompts

Public Prompts is a website that features a collection of models, prompts, and embeddings. It offers a library of models such as the Fine-Tuned Model and DreamBooth Model, as well as a library of prompts including Cute Stuffed Animals and Comic Art. Additionally, the website provides an embeddings library with options like Car Photography Embedding. The site is continuously updated with new content, and users can seek help from the PublicPromtps discord server for any questions or assistance related to Stable Diffusion.

Key Features

  • Prompts Library: A diverse collection of prompts for various creative outputs like cute stuffed animals, psychedelic pop art, and more.
  • Embeddings: Offers embeddings, which are likely tools or methods to enhance the creative process.
  • Model Variety: Features different models like DreamBooth for creating pixel art and landscapes.
  • Creator-Driven Updates: Regular updates and additions to the site by the creator, a junior medical doctor and tech/AI enthusiast.