AI prompt library for generating visual content easily

  • Power of AI for creative prompt generation

  • Comprehensive prompt library.

  • Enhance AI toolset with curated prompts and visual inspirations


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#Prompt Guide

What is is a creative tool designed to generate and organize AI prompts, enhancing the capabilities of AI platforms like Dall-E 2 and Midjourney. It offers a curated library of prompts and a Notion pack for organizing these prompts, aiding users in consistently creating impactful AI images. The tool is especially useful for designers and writers who rely on AI-assisted tools for their creative processes.

Key Features

  • AI Prompt Generator: Helps in creating new prompts to inspire AI-assisted tools.
  • Notion Template Integration: Organize your own prompts with a Notion template for better management.
  • Curated Prompt Library: Access a library of curated prompts and generated visuals to enhance creativity.
  • Tag-Based Inspiration: Utilize over 400+ tags to understand and apply AI tags effectively.
  • Diverse Tool Integration: Compatible with tools like Midjourney for personalized prompts and AI hero images.

AI prompt library for generating visual content easily

Key Features

🆓 Free

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