Planit Teachers

AI-powered teaching tools for lesson planning, quizzes, grading, and reporting

  • Lesson planning, grading, and quizzes

  • Streamlines teaching tasks efficiently

  • Automated grading and report generation


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What is Planit Teachers

Planit Teachers is an AI-powered platform that provides teachers with tools to create lesson plans, generate quizzes and tests, grade assignments, generate reports, and more. With its advanced AI capabilities, Planit Teachers aims to revolutionize teaching by streamlining and automating various tasks, allowing educators to save time and focus on personalized teaching. The platform offers personalized resources, a vast library of high-quality materials, and collaborative features for educators to share best practices and provide feedback.

Key Features of Planit Teachers

- AI-Powered Lesson Plans: Generate personalized lesson plans for any subject and age group with high educational standards.

- Comprehensive Resource Library: Access a vast array of high-quality, curated teaching resources across various subjects and age groups.

- AI Marking Assistant: Automate the grading process, providing detailed feedback and analytical insights on student performance.

- Child Report Generator: Instantly generate detailed, customizable end-of-term reports for students.

- Long Form Question Generator: Create unlimited, tailored questions for quizzes and exams on any topic or age group.

- Multiple Choice Question Generator: Generate multiple choice questions with customizable topics and difficulty levels.

- Subject Description Generator: Instantly generate complex subject, landscape, setting, and character descriptions with customizable tone, length, and complexity.

- Email & Message Reply Generator: Save time by auto-generating replies for emails and messages from parents, students, and colleagues.

- Multilingual Support: Commitment to accessibility with resources available in multiple languages and support for students with special needs.

Planit Teachers

AI-powered teaching tools for lesson planning, quizzes, grading, and reporting

Key Features

💰 Paid
⏳ Free Trial

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