What is Photoshot

Photoshot is an AI avatar generator that allows users to generate custom AI avatars based on uploaded photos. Users can upload selfies with different angles, wait for the platform to build a studio based on the photos, and then use their imagination to craft the perfect prompt. The platform uses Dreambooth and Stable diffusion technology to generate avatars that capture the user’s unique style.

Key Features

  • AI Avatar Generation: Create unique avatars that reflect your personal style.
  • Upload Selfies for Customization: Upload various selfies to build a personalized studio.
  • AI-Powered Studio Creation: The platform uses your photos to build a custom studio.
  • High-Quality Avatar Creation: Generate 4K avatars with custom-trained AI models.
  • Prompt-Based Customization: Use your creativity to craft specific prompts for avatar generation.
  • Resource-Intensive Process: Explains why the service is not free due to the cost of training AI models.



  • Cost: $12/studio
  • Features:
    • 1 Studio with a custom trained model
    • 100 avatars 4K generation
    • 30 AI prompt assists
    • Ability to craft your own prompt
    • Sponsorship development

Please check here for more details about Photoshot’s pricing.