Photocode AI coding assistant

Analyze and explain source code from photos using AI

  • AI-powered code analysis and debugging assistant

  • Supports over 12 programming and 20 human languages

  • Includes text-to-speech and sharing capabilities


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What is Photocode AI coding assistant

Photocode AI coding assistant is a tool leveraging artificial intelligence to help users understand and debug source code. By allowing users to photograph or upload code, including handwritten versions, it analyzes and explains the content. Supporting over a dozen programming languages and providing explanations in more than twenty human languages, it caters to a diverse range of users such as students and developers. Additional features include text-to-speech, sharing capabilities, and a user-friendly design.

Key Features of Photocode AI coding assistant

- AI-Powered Code Analysis: Allows users to take a photo of code or select it from their gallery, with AI providing a detailed explanation.

- Handwritten Code Recognition: Can recognize and analyze even handwritten code from a picture.

- Multi-Language Support: Supports understanding and explaining code in over a dozen popular programming languages.

- Multi-Lingual Explanations: Provides code explanations in more than twenty human languages.

- Code Debugging: Assists in debugging code and suggests optimizations for improving efficiency.

- Text-to-Speech Feature: Includes built-in text-to-speech functionality to read out the code explanations.

Photocode AI coding assistant

Analyze and explain source code from photos using AI

Key Features

💲 Freemium
📱 Mobile App

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