What is Petit

Petit is an iOS Widgets App that allows users to pin their favorite NFTs to their iPhone’s home/lock screen. It also provides features such as tracking NFT prices, monitoring followed Ethereum NFT accounts, and supporting iOS 16 lock screen widgets. The app is free, ad-free, and offers a free trial.

Key Features

  • NFT Home/Lock Screen Widgets: Allows pinning favorite NFTs on the iPhone Home and Lock Screen.
  • Ethereum Account Linking: Users can link their Ethereum accounts to display NFTs.
  • NFT Price Tracking: Offers tracking of NFT Floor Price, Ethereum Price, and Gas Fees.
  • Multiple NFT Account Watching: Enables watching different Ethereum NFT accounts using public addresses.
  • iOS 16 LockScreen Widget Support: Compatibility with the latest iOS features for displaying NFT prices on the Lockscreen.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed for ease of use in building NFT widgets on iPhones.