What is Chroma AI

Chroma AI is a platform that generates gradients based on your mood. Users can write about their current mood, favorite song lyrics, or random thoughts, and the AI will create corresponding gradients. With a simple interface, users can generate and cycle through presets to find the perfect gradient for their needs.

Key Features

  • Mood-Based Gradient Generation: Chroma AI creates color gradients based on the user’s current mood, favorite song lyrics, or any random thought, making each gradient unique and personalized.
  • OpenAI API Integration: Utilizes OpenAI’s API to interpret text input and translate it into visually appealing gradients.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed to be simple and intuitive, allowing users to easily input their mood or thoughts and see the generated gradient.
  • Versatility in Application: The generated gradients can be used for a wide range of design purposes, including website backgrounds, app interfaces, or any digital media requiring a color gradient.
  • Community Engagement: Encourages users to star the project on GitHub, suggesting a community-driven approach to development and improvement.