What is Openjourney Bot

Openjourney Bot is a powerful discord bot that generates AI art for free. It is able to combine various concepts, attributes, and styles to create unique and beautiful images. Users can choose from multiple models to generate different variations of images. The bot offers starting guides for users and has pricing plans for additional features and benefits. Openjourney Bot is developed by Project Razer LLC and is partnered with Prodia Inc and Replicate Inc.

Key Features

  • Rapid Image Generation: Generates unique images in under 10 seconds based on text prompts.
  • Multiple Model Options: Offers a variety of models for different image variations, with continuous updates.
  • Text-to-Image Conversion: Transforms text prompts into images without limitations, offering a free and creative experience.
  • Model Selection Guide: Provides guidance on selecting models for image generation.
  • Cooldown System: Implements a 60-second cooldown after image generation, with 200 tokens per month.
  • Patreon Support Benefits: Reduced cooldown and extra tokens for Patreon supporters.
  • Bits – Bot Currency: Users receive 200 free bits monthly, with options to purchase more.
  • Partnership with Prodia Inc: Utilizes Prodia’s extensive GPU resources for AI image generation.


Basic Plan

  • Cost: $10/month
  • Includes: 500 Bits, Hoisted Role, No Watermark, Reduced cooldown, Uncensored Image Generation, Unlimited Language Model Access.

Pro Plan

  • Cost: $20/month
  • Includes: Everything in the Basic Plan, plus 1000 Bits, Early access, Low Bit Price for Image Generation.

Pro Plus Plan

  • Cost: $50/month
  • Includes: Everything in the Pro Plan, plus High Priority, Unlimited Everything, Dedicated 24/7 Support, Early Beta Testing Access.

Please check here for more details about Openjournet Bot’s pricing.