AI-powered image generator transforming text into visual content

  • Transforms text into visual art

  • Various models and customization options available

  • Generated images usable under specific terms


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What is Ipic.ai

Ipic.ai is an AI-powered image generator that transforms text descriptions into stunning artworks, illustrations, and photos. Users can choose from various models to create their ideal visual content quickly and easily. The platform offers customization options and allows the use of generated images under specific terms and conditions.

Key Features of Ipic.ai

- AI Image Generation: Utilizing advanced AI models to transform text into breathtaking art, illustrations, and photos.

- Easy Text-to-Art Conversion: Users can simply enter a few words, and the tool instantly transforms the text into extraordinary art, providing a quick and seamless creative process.

- Model Selection: Offers a variety of models such as juggernautXL_v9Rdphoto2Lightning, Real Dream, and RealVisXL V4.0 for diverse artistic outputs.

- Image Sizes: Supports multiple image sizes, including 512x512, 512x768, 768x512, and 768x768 to cater to different project needs.

- Customizability: Allows users to refine their prompts and regenerate images multiple times to achieve desired results.

- High-Quality Outputs: Generates high-resolution and realistic images suitable for various applications, including entertainment, design, and medical research.


Free Plan:

  • Cost: Free
  • Generate 1,000 images
  • Up to 2 images per request
  • Image sizes: 512x512, 512x768, 768x512, 768x768, 768x1024, 1024x768, 512x1024, 1024x512, 1024x1024
  • Features include advertisements, forbidden words filter, NSFW image filter, public images, public prompts, no negative prompts, Recaptcha (anti-bot), slow image harvesting
  • Personal use only
  • Images have an ipic.ai watermark

Private User Plan:

  • Cost: $3.99 monthly
  • Generate 5,000 images
  • Up to 4 images per request
  • Features include access to models, no advertisements, no forbidden words filter, no NSFW image filter, private images, private prompts, add negative prompts, no Recaptcha, no forbidden words, faster image harvesting, commercial use, generate HD images, no watermark

VIP Plan:

  • Cost: $999.99
  • Generate 10,000,000 images
  • Images available for 3 days
  • Access to VIP models, face swap, and other VIP image editing tools

Private User Yearly Plan:

  • Cost: $42.00 yearly
  • Generate 100,000 images
  • Generate 4 images per request
  • -Same features as Private User Plan with a 70% increase in image generation


AI-powered image generator transforming text into visual content

Key Features

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