An online tool offering file and unit conversion services

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What is OneConvert

OneConvert is an online tool that offers file conversion and unit conversion services. It provides a range of free and unlimited converters for converting PDF files and over 50,000 units of measurement. The platform guarantees accurate and instant results and supports all devices and operating systems. It also ensures security by encrypting communication with servers and automatically deleting files after a certain period of time.

Key Features of OneConvert

- Common Converters: Calculate common units of measurement such as energy, data storage, power, area, temperature, angle, volume, weight and mass, speed, force, time, numbers, pressure, fuel consumption, and length.

- Engineering Converters: Convert various units of engineering processes including velocity (angular), density, torque, moment of force, acceleration, specific volume, acceleration (angular), and moment of inertia.

- Radiology Converters: Convert various radiology units of measurement such as radiation, radiation-absorbed dose, radiation-activity, and radiation-exposure.

- Light Converters: Convert units of specific light applications including illumination, frequency wavelength, luminance, digital image resolution, and luminous intensity.

- Magnetism Converters: Convert units of specific magnetic properties such as magnetomotive force, magnetic flux, magnetic field strength, and magnetic flux density.

- Fluids Converters: Convert various liquid units of measurement including concentration (solution and molar), flow, viscosity (kinematic and dynamic), surface tension, mass flux density, flow-mass, and permeability.

- Heat Converters: Convert units related to heat, temperature, and fuel such as specific heat capacity, heat density, thermal resistance, thermal expansion, thermal conductivity, fuel efficiency (volume and mass), temperature interval, heat flux density, and heat transfer coefficient.

- Electricity Converters: Convert specific energy and electricity units including electric conductivity, linear charge density, volume charge density, linear current density, electric resistivity, electric resistance, electric potential, electric conductance, electric field strength, inductance, surface current density, charge, electrostatic capacitance, and surface charge density.

- PDF Converters: Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, PDF to PNG, PDF to JPG, PDF to PowerPoint, PDF to PDF/A, OpenOffice to PDF, Ebooks to PDF, iWork to PDF.


An online tool offering file and unit conversion services

Key Features

🆓 Free

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