Generate and customize background music using Mix.audio’s multimodal AI

  • Create background music using text, images, audio

  • Multimodal AI music generator

  • Royalty-free music for all creators


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What is Mix.audio

Mix.audio is a multimodal AI music generator that enables users to create and customize high-quality background music. The platform allows music creation using text, images, and audio inputs, providing royalty-free music designed for all creators. It features various music styles and moods, offering a versatile tool for generating personalized background music.

Key Features of Mix.audio

- Multimodal AI Music Generator: Generate and customize high-quality background music using AI, designed for all creators and 100% royalty-free.

- Text to Music: Craft your unique music track by providing a text prompt that describes the desired mood and atmosphere.

- Image to Music: Create music that reflects the vibe of any image, transforming visual elements into auditory experiences.

- Audio to Music: Generate new music by providing an audio sample that conveys the desired style or mood.

- Combined Inputs: Leverage text, image, and audio inputs simultaneously to create highly personalized music tracks.

- Infinite AI Background Music: Access a vast library of AI-generated background music for everyday use, available for download and 100% royalty-free.

- Diverse Music Styles: Generate music across various genres, such as dreamy lo-fi hip-hop, cosmic adventures, intense electric guitar harmonies, and tropical advertising tunes.


1. Basic Plan: This plan is free and allows users to enjoy up to five songs per month on their social media channels. However, the content cannot be monetized.

2. Personal Plan: This plan costs $9/month and allows users to use the music in sponsored or branded content for their channels. However, it cannot be used in digital advertising, marketing, or promotions for a brand or company.

3. Professional Plan: This plan costs $29/month and allows users to use the music in digital advertising, marketing, and promotions for a brand or company. It is suitable for agencies and education.

Additional information:

- All plans above the Personal Plan allow users to monetize their videos.

- The license is valid for content posted during the subscription and will remain available permanently after cancellation. However, users won't be able to use the downloaded sound sources to create new content after canceling the subscription.

- The Professional plan and higher tiers cover commercial projects, and there's a tailor-made Enterprise plan for organizations with 30+ employees.

- Selling or distributing the music is not allowed.


Generate and customize background music using Mix.audio’s multimodal AI

Key Features

💰 Paid
⏳ Free Trial

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