AI-powered reverse image search tool

  • Find similar or related images

  • Catered to professionals and privacy-conscious individuals

  • Uses advanced AI for accurate results


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What is lenso.ai

lenso.aiLenso.ai is an AI-powered reverse image search tool that allows users to find places, people, duplicates, and related images by simply uploading a picture. Utilizing advanced AI technology, it provides accurate and efficient search results, making it easier for users to locate similar or related images across the web. The platform is designed to cater to diverse needs from professional photographers to marketers and privacy-conscious individuals.

Key Features of lenso.ai

- AI-Powered Reverse Image Search: Offers advanced technology for pinpointing best matches with precision and speed.

- Diverse Use Cases: Suitable for professionals and enthusiasts alike, including photographers, marketers, and privacy-conscious users.

- Intuitive Interface: No specific background knowledge required; simply upload an image and select the area of interest.

- Multiple Categories: Search for places, people, duplicates, related, or similar images.

- Efficient Search Process: Advanced CBIR technology ensures accurate and fast reverse image searches.

- Privacy Protection: Includes face recognition technology to track digital footprints and protect privacy.

- User-Friendly Platform: Supports easy image uploading in JPG, PNG, WEBP formats with max file size 10MB and min dimensions of 200 x 200px.

- Multi-Language Support: Available in various languages, catering to a global audience.



AI-powered reverse image search tool

Key Features

🆓 Free
📱 Mobile App

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