AI-powered resume, cover letter, and interview preparation platform

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  • AI-driven interview practice and feedback

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What is JobSearch.Coach

JobSearch.Coach is an AI-powered platform designed to streamline the job application process. It offers tools for customized resume reviews, AI-generated cover letters, and AI-driven interview preparation, aiming to improve candidates' chances of landing their desired jobs. The platform provides actionable feedback and tailored guidance by leveraging detailed job descriptions and insights from industry professionals. Users can try out the services for free with no initial payment or credit card requirements.

Key Features of JobSearch.Coach

- AI Resume Review: Professional resume edits that highlight your strengths, tailored to a specific job listing.

- ATS Resume Checker: Keywords that help your resume or CV pass the employer's automated applicant tracking system resume check.

- AI Cover Letter Generator: Get a personalized cover letter instantly, designed to read as if written by a human.

- Job Interview Preparation: Preview and practice job interview questions for your desired role with real-time feedback.

- Mock Interviews: Practice interview questions out loud and receive actionable feedback to refine your responses.

- Easy to Use: No credit card required and no complex prompt writing needed. Sign in with Gmail or create a new account in seconds.

- Data Security: Your data is protected with industry-standard encryption. No personal information is sold or shared with advertisers.

- Specialized Knowledge: Provides deep industry knowledge across various roles, from internships to executive positions.

- Mobile Optimization: JobSearch.Coach is optimized for mobile use, allowing job search assistance on the go.


JobSearch.Coach pricing information for individual job seekers:

Free Plan:

- Cost: $0

- Features:

  • Two AI resume reviews with expert-recommended edits and ATS keywords
  • Two AI-generated personalized cover letters
  • Two comprehensive lists of job interview questions
  • Two mock interviews with real-time, actionable feedback and sample answers

Paid Plan:

- Cost: One-time payment for unlimited use until obtaining a job offer (up to 1 year max)

- Features:

  • Unlimited access to AI resume reviews, cover letters, interview questions, and mock interviews
  • No recurring charges

Additional Information:

  • The service is accessible worldwide, with automatic currency conversion by credit card providers if needed.
  • Sales tax or VAT is calculated based on the billing address.
  • Secure checkout powered by Stripe, with stringent security standards.

Upgrade and Subscription Details:

  • Free trial quota can be increased by upgrading to a paid plan.
  • One-time payment activates all AI tools for up to a year.
  • No option to restart the free trial with a different email due to Terms of Service.


- No need for cancellation as there are no recurring charges. Subscription ends automatically when a job is accepted.


AI-powered resume, cover letter, and interview preparation platform

Key Features

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