What is Fontjoy

Fontjoy is a tool that helps designers generate font pairings easily. Users can choose from a wide range of fonts and the tool uses neural nets to suggest the best combinations. It provides a simple interface where users can lock fonts they like and experiment with different pairings.

Key Features

  • Font Pairing Generator: Generates font combinations with a focus on balanced contrast and pleasing aesthetics.
  • Deep Learning Integration: The platform incorporates deep learning techniques to enhance its font pairing and generation capabilities.
  • Intuitive Interface: User-friendly platform that allows users to lock preferred fonts, edit text, and explore manual font selection.
  • Github Integration: Provides technical details and resources on the approach and implementation of font pairing with neural net.
  • Font Visualizer: Allows users to see and compare different fonts in a visually engaging manner.
  • Logo Maker: Offers a tool for creating logos using the generated font combinations.