What is Jobcopy

Jobcopy is an AI-powered platform that offers tools for creating professional resumes and cover letters. It uses AI to generate personalized documents tailored to the user’s profile, helping them stand out in the job market. The platform also includes an AI-powered job search feature that condenses job descriptions and offers job compatibility analysis.

Key Features

  • AI Resume Builder: Easy-to-use tool for creating professional resumes.
  • Job Compatibility Analysis: Evaluates how well your resume matches job descriptions.
  • AI-Powered Cover Letters: Generates personalized cover letters quickly.
  • AI-Driven Job Search: Summarizes job descriptions and finds suitable opportunities, focusing on remote jobs.
  • Interview Q&A Generator: Helps prepare for interviews with customized questions and answers.
  • Access to Multiple Job Platforms: Integrates with over 200 job listing platforms including LinkedIn and Indeed.


Jobcopy Unlimited Plan:

  • Cost: $19/month (Billed monthly)
  • Features:
    • Unlimited Personalized Resumes
    • Unlimited Cover Letters
    • Unlimited Interview Q&As
    • Downloads to PDF
    • Editable Documents
    • Unlimited Access to JobHunt
    • Unlimited Access to JobTracker

Please check here for more details about Jobcopy’s pricing.