Imagine Me


Generate personalized art from text descriptions using your photos

  • Generate personalized art from text descriptions.

  • Upload 10-20 photos to create models.

  • 3. Quick image generation post model training.


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What is ImagineMe

ImagineMe is an AI tool that allows users to generate personalized art from simple text descriptions by training a private AI model with their own photos. Users can upload 10-20 photos to create a model that understands their appearance, enabling the generation of tailored images in various styles and scenarios. The tool offers a seamless and magical way to create unique art, with a quick generation time once the model is trained.

Key Features of ImagineMe

- Art Generation: Create stunning AI images of yourself from simple text descriptions.

- Private AI Models: Each user can train a private AI model using 10-20 varied photos, ensuring personalized and precise image generation.

- Quick Generation: After model training, generate images within seconds, with initial setups taking a couple of minutes.

- Versatile Art Styles: Generate images across various themes like photorealistic, fantasy, cosplay, and artistic styles.

- Interactive Interface: Easy-to-use interface where users can see the most effective prompts and explore a showcase for inspiration.

- Multiple Use Cases: Ideal for creating AI avatars, profile pictures, cosplay images, fantasy portraits, and more.

- Language Support: Interface available in multiple languages including DE, IT, NL, FR, ES, PT, PL, NO, UK, RU, CS, DA, HU, SV, RO, KO, JA, AR, HE, and ZH-CN.

- Secure Training: Safe handling of user data with robust security measures during the AI training process.

- Explore and Showcase: Users can browse a showcase of generated art to get an idea of potential outcomes from various prompts.

- Training Time: Model training can take up to 5 hours but is usually faster, delivering a streamlined experience for users.

- No Personal Data Storage: Ensures privacy by not storing personally identifiable information, especially related to cookies and browsing.

- Inspiration Hub: Browse through specific categories like concept art, posters, fashion, and character design for creative ideas.

Imagine Me

Generate personalized art from text descriptions using your photos

Key Features

💰 Paid
⏳ Free Trial

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