AI icon generator for creating brand logos

  • Create customized icons in minutes with AI

  • Endless creative possibilities with unique designs

  • User-friendly interface for both beginners and experts


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What is IconWizardAI

IconWizardAI is an AI-powered platform that allows users to create customized icons for their businesses. With its simplified and creative icon generation platform, users can save time and effort by generating unique icons in minutes. The platform offers endless possibilities, time-saving features, and cost-effective pricing options. It also provides a user-friendly interface, high-quality icons, and easy icon management through cloud storage.

Key Features

  • AI Icon Generation: IconWizardAI specializes in instantly generating unique AI icons tailored to your brand, streamlining the design process for various projects.
  • Customization Options: Users can customize icons by entering prompts, choosing colors, selecting styles, and specifying the number of icons needed, ensuring a personalized design experience.
  • Cloud Storage: All generated icons are automatically stored in the cloud, making it easy for users to access their collections anytime and anywhere.
  • Intuitive Interface: The platform boasts an intuitive interface that simplifies icon creation, making it accessible for both beginners and experts alike, even without prior design experience.
  • High-Quality Icons: Utilizes advanced algorithms to ensure the icons generated are of the highest quality, suitable for professional use across various applications.


IconWizardAI Starter

  • Cost: $7
  • Credits: 100 Credits
  • Price per Icon: $0.07
  • Features:
    • Premium Icons
    • Ideal for personal projects or small tasks
    • Limited number of icons or logos

IconWizardAI Pro

  • Cost: $15
  • Credits: 250 Credits
  • Price per Icon: $0.06
  • Features:
    • Premium Icons
    • Suitable for individuals and small businesses
    • Extensive credit allowance for various design needs

Please check here for more details about IconWizardAI’s pricing.


AI icon generator for creating brand logos

Key Features

💰 Paid

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