AI home design tool creating and transforming spaces

  • Transform your living space with AI-driven design and shopping

  • 30+ styles to tailor the design experience

  • Generates curated list of home decor items


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What is is a platform that offers generative image applications powered by AI. Users can upload a photo of their space and select a new style to see how AI can transform it. The platform also provides a curated list of home decor items that match the new design. There are over 30 styles available, and the platform uses computer vision and machine learning to understand the contents of a room and apply a new style to it.

Key Features

  • AI-powered Home Redesign: Upload a photo, select a style, and let AI transform your space.
  • 30+ Styles: Choose from a broad range of styles including Industrial, Mid Century, Minimalist, and more.
  • AI Interior Designer: Visualize a renewed perspective of your living space based on your preference.
  • Architectural AI: Generate images of buildings and render architectural sketches photorealistically.
  • Shop Curated Items: Get recommendations for home decor items that match your new design.
  • Privacy and Security: All photos and generations become private once you subscribe, and payment information is handled securely by Stripe.

AI home design tool creating and transforming spaces

Key Features

💰 Paid
⏳ Free Trial

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