Fix My Code


AI tool for enhancing web accessibility and usability for developers

  • AI-driven code optimization for accessible and user-friendly websites

  • Optimizes code for better user experience

  • Aligns with web inclusivity standards


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What is Fix My Code

Fix My Code is an AI-driven tool offered by UserWay that helps developers optimize the accessibility and user-friendliness of websites. Using AI technology, the tool analyzes website code and identifies areas that need improvement to ensure compliance with web accessibility standards. This tool aims to make the web more inclusive by providing developers with the tools to create accessible and user-friendly websites efficiently.

Key Features of Fix My Code

- AI-Driven Accessibility Solutions: Leverages artificial intelligence to enhance web accessibility and user-friendliness.

- Fix My Code Tool: Enables developers to optimize their website's accessibility efficiently by automating error detection and correction.

- Cookie Management: Incorporates cookie management features to ensure users have control over their data and privacy preferences.

- Third-Party Integration: Supports data transfers to third-party providers while ensuring compliance with varying levels of data protection.

- User Preference Storage: Remembers user preferences such as language and region, enhancing personalized user experience.

- Security Measures: Utilizes cookies for secure logins and detection of spam to improve overall website security.

- Load Balancing: Registers server-cluster serving the visitor to optimize user experience through efficient load balancing.

- Statistics and Analytics: Collects statistical data on user behavior for internal analysis and optimization of website performance.

- Marketing Optimization: Uses marketing cookies to track visitors across websites, aiming to display relevant and engaging advertisements.

- Accessibility Widget Support: Provides settings to improve website navigation for users with vision disabilities.

- Multi-Platform Support: Ensures consistent user experience across various devices by formatting the website accordingly.

- Data Synchronization: Integrates with third-party analysis services for data synchronization and improved marketing strategies.

- Content Sharing Features: Allows visitors to share website content on social media platforms like Twitter.

- Fraud Protection: Implements cookies to protect against referral system fraud and other security threats.

- Session Management: Manages individual sessions to optimize chat-box functionalities and other interactive features.

- Compliance with Legal Requirements: Ensures cookie consent and data protection measures to comply with legal standards.


Starter Plan:

  • Cost: $29/month
  • Features: This plan is ideal for small-scale code fixing needs. It includes up to 10 fixes per month, email support, and basic reporting.

Pro Plan:

  • Cost: $99/month
  • Features: This plan caters to medium-scale requirements, including up to 50 fixes per month, priority email support, detailed reporting, and code reviews.

Enterprise Plan:

  • Cost: Custom pricing
  • Features: Tailored for large enterprises with extensive code fixing needs. This plan offers more than 50 fixes per month, dedicated account manager, phone support, comprehensive reporting, and quarterly review meetings.

Fix My Code

AI tool for enhancing web accessibility and usability for developers

Key Features

💰 Paid
⏳ Free Trial

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