AI-powered platform for creative tools like face swaps and image generation

  • AI face swap and image upscaling

  • Supports Ghibli, Pixar, and anime styles

  • Background removal and portrait enhancement tools


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What is SeaArt

SeaArt is an AI-powered platform offering a variety of creative tools for users, including AI face swap, image upscaling, and text-to-image generation. It supports artistic styles like anime, Ghibli, and Pixar, and provides features like background removal and portrait enhancement. The community-driven site allows users to share their creations and access design templates for varied creative projects.

Key Features of SeaArt

- Creative Tools: Includes AI Eraser, Text to Image Generator, and Sketch to Img for versatile content creation.

- AI Face Swap: Provides the ability to swap faces in images using AI technology.

- Text-to-Video Generation: Sora Text-to-Video feature for converting text into engaging video content.

- AI Portrait: Generates realistic and high-quality portraits using AI algorithms.

- AI Makeup: Allows users to apply virtual makeup to their images with AI assistance.

- Anime to Reality: Converts anime characters into realistic images or 3D models.

- Disney Filter: Applies Disney-themed filters to images, adding a touch of magic.

- Background Removal: Easily remove backgrounds from images with the AI powered tool.

- AI Filtering Options: Extensive AI filters including Anime to Reality, Disney Filter, Clay Filter, and Ghibli Style for diverse visual effects.

- One-Click Enhancements: Features like One-click Breast Enhancement and Instant Background Change for quick edits.

- Design Templates: Pre-made design templates to expedite creative processes.


AI-powered platform for creative tools like face swaps and image generation

Key Features

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📱 Mobile App

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