What is EndlessVN

EndlessVN is an AI storytelling game where all assets, including graphics, music, story, and characters, are generated by AI as you play. It offers a game-like experience with the ability to create choose-your-own-adventure visual novels. The platform is constantly adding new features and updates based on user feedback. There are three subscription tiers available, and the pricing may change as the game develops.

Key Features

  • Open Alpha Access: Players can sign up to participate in the open alpha, experiencing the game as it develops.
  • AI-Pregenerated Worlds: Official Worlds are created by AI, ensuring a unique and evolving gameplay experience.
  • Developer-Adjusted Content: To enhance playability, AI-generated content is fine-tuned by the developers.
  • Live-Generated Dialogue: Dialogue within the game is generated live, contributing to dynamic and engaging storytelling.