AI-powered tool designed to streamline email management and customer support

  • AI-Powered Customer Support Revolution

  • Enhancing Employee and Customer Experiences

  • Data-Driven Insights for Business Growth


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What is is an AI-powered email management platform that automates responses and leverages internal knowledge bases for accurate replies. It allows organizations to streamline their email workflows, improve customer satisfaction, and increase productivity. The platform offers features like smart reply with AI, classification of customer requests, and quick integration of data. With, businesses can automate their email processes and deliver efficient and personalized customer service.

Key Features

  • Smart Reply with AI: Rapidly responds to customer inquiries in a personalized manner, enhancing customer experience.
  • Classification: Efficiently prioritizes, organizes, and routes tickets and customers to the most appropriate agent.
  • Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly integrates with existing CRM or ERP systems, leveraging AI to automate 80% of work within the first month.
  • Intelligent Document Processing: Extracts and processes unstructured content in documents for better data management.
  • Empathy and Customer Engagement: Creates actionable insights for rapid decision-making, improving first response time and customer engagement.
  • Workflow Orchestration: Automates end-to-end processes using AI, enhancing overall workflow efficiency.
  • GDPR and Security Compliance: Ensures compliance with GDPR and information security policies, safeguarding user data.
  • Concise One-Liners
  • AI-Powered Customer Support Revolution: transforms email management with generative AI for swift and accurate responses.
  • Enhancing Employee and Customer Experiences: Streamlines email workflows, boosting productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Data-Driven Insights for Business Growth: Provides actionable insights and metrics for improved decision-making and performance tracking.


Starter Plan

  • Cost: 120 €/month
  • Features:
    • 300 conversations per month
    • EmailTree inbox, Chrome extension, Zendesk App
    • Unlimited Smart Reply
    • AI reply generation in 2 languages
    • 1 end-to-end automation
    • 3 team members
    • 2 social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn)
    • Self onboarding, support by email

Essential Plan

  • Cost: 290 €/month
  • Features:
    • 1000 conversations per month
    • Includes all Starter Plan features
    • 5 team members

Growth Plan

  • Cost: 490 €/month
  • Features:
    • 2000 conversations per month
    • Includes all Essential Plan features
    • 10 team members

Scale Plan

  • Cost: 1,190 €/month
  • Features:
    • 5000 conversations per month
    • Includes all Growth Plan features
    • Unlimited team members

Enterprise Plan

  • Pricing: Contact for custom quote
  • Features:
    • Custom conversations volume
    • Includes all Scale Plan features
    • Custom team member limit

Please check here for more details about’s pricing.

AI-powered tool designed to streamline email management and customer support

Key Features

💰 Paid
🛠️ API
⏳ Free Trial

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