Dropshipping Copilot


AI-powered tool optimizing dropshipping with automated listings and market insights

  • Real-time product insights

  • Automated dropshipping tasks

  • AliExpress integration for vast catalog access


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What is Dropshipping Copilot

Dropshipping Copilot is an AI-driven tool that simplifies and optimizes dropshipping operations. It offers advanced product search, supplier sourcing, and real-time market insights, helping users identify and list high-demand items efficiently. With features like background and watermark removal, automated listing, and bulk pricing adjustments, the platform streamlines e-commerce tasks, making it accessible even for those without technical expertise. Its integration with AliExpress data ensures access to a vast catalog of products and suppliers.

Key Features of Dropshipping Copilot

- Vast Product and Supplier Database: Access 230 million+ trending products and 300,000+ suppliers from AliExpress.

- Categories and Niches: Features products across various categories such as hats, makeup, laptops, wedding dresses, and more.

- AI-Assisted Product Selection: Utilizes AI to provide top product searches, supplier sourcing, and quick product suggestions.

- Innovative Product Insights: Uncover real-time top products, crowd favorites, winning products, rising stars, and new arrivals niche.

- Market Intelligence: Offers data-driven insights for market foresight, helping to detect hot trends ahead of competitors.

- Superior Supplier Sourcing: Compare suppliers for cost efficiency, profit growth, and strategic decisions.

- Automated Processes: One-click auto-listing, bulk pricing adjustments, and real-time inventory sync with Shopify.

- Enhanced Product Listings: AI removes backgrounds and watermarks from images, optimizes titles, and uplifts visibility.

- Comprehensive Reports: Provides regular business updates and diagnostics for real-time market opportunities.

- Creative Product Research: AI tools for image search and keyword-driven product searches to inspire and expand choices.

- SEO Optimization: AI-driven optimization improves search engine presence and organic traffic through engaging titles and descriptions.

- Centralized Dashboard: Manage multiple e-commerce platforms from one place, with features like quick payments during peak periods.

- Bulk Order Handling: Features instant bulk order processing and batch ordering for improving e-commerce operations.

- Integrated Ad Insights: Leverages Google and Facebook advertising results to inform product choices and strategies.

- Competitive Product Lists: Curated lists including trending lights, attire, car accessories, and specialized products updated regularly.


Basic Plan:

  • Cost: Free for lifetime
  • Features:
    • Limited product information query and keyword search
    • 1 store, 1,000 import products
    • Automated order status updates
    • AI assist (BETA) feature trial
    • Weekly business insights list
    • Ability to find better suppliers

Advanced Plan:

  • Cost:
    • $17.9/month (special offer for yearly billing)
    • $29.9/month (regular price)
    • $0.6/day
  • Features: Everything in Basic, PLUS:
    • 3,000 product searches, 6,000 product details views
    • 5 stores, 10,000 import products
    • AI assist (BETA) automation and business insights

Professional Plan:

  • Cost:
    • $35 (special yearly offer)
    • $59.9/month (regular price)
    • $1.2/day
  • Features: Everything in Advanced, PLUS:
    • 15,000 product searches, 30,000 product details views
    • 25 stores, 50,000 import products
    • More weekly business insights list

Dropshipping Copilot

AI-powered tool optimizing dropshipping with automated listings and market insights

Key Features

💲 Freemium
⏳ Free Trial

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