AI-driven LinkedIn content optimizer for organic brand and profile growth

  • Features include post ideas generator

  • Generates engaging LinkedIn posts and hooks

  • Boosts organic LinkedIn growth


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What is CopyTruck

CopyTruck is an AI-driven platform focused on optimizing LinkedIn content creation. It helps users grow their LinkedIn presence organically by generating compelling posts, articles, and engaging hooks to boost impressions. The tool offers various AI-powered writing features to transform ideas into captivating LinkedIn content, all while eliminating the need for ad expenses. Free trials and various templates ensure a personalized and user-friendly experience.

Key Features of CopyTruck

- AI-Driven Content Creation: Leverage AI to grow your LinkedIn presence organically from day one by creating compelling posts and articles, eliminating the need for ad expenses.

- LinkedIn Article Writer: Transform a simple description into six distinct article outlines, allowing you to build detailed and ideal pieces.

- LinkedIn Post Writer: Use our AI-powered post writer to craft engaging LinkedIn posts in over 20 different styles.

- LinkedIn Post Ideas: Discover an endless supply of creative post ideas to keep your profile fresh and captivating.

- Freestyle Copy: Utilize our Freestyle feature to effortlessly create any kind of copy with absolute ease.

- LinkedIn Hook Post (Coming Soon): Hook people right away with gripping posts using our 30+ hook content templates for building hardcore followers.


Starter Plan:

  • Cost: $12/month
  • Features:
    • 50,000 AI Words
    • 10 Articles
    • Idea Generator
    • Post Writer with versatile post styles
    • Custom Post Length
    • Article Writer for outlining and styling
    • Freestyle Copy
    • Priority Support
    • No Extra Tax

Additional Details:

  • Free Trial: The free plan allows users to explore CopyTruck for 7 days with 10,000 AI Words and 1 Article credit.
  • Discounts: A 40% discount is available on all plans.


AI-driven LinkedIn content optimizer for organic brand and profile growth

Key Features

💰 Paid
⏳ Free Trial

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