AI-powered platform for summarizing and sharing bookmarks and notes

  • AI-powered bookmark and thought-saving service

  • Enhances digital content management with multimedia support and privacy focus

  • Builds a community of knowledge through social sharing and content discovery


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What is ClipGPT

ClipGPT is a social bookmarking and “digital locker” platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI). It allows users to store, share, and summarize their bookmarks, notes, and thoughts with the help of AI. The platform offers various features such as AI summarization, bookmark discovery, private profiles, and browser addons. Users can sign up for free, with premium plans available for $19.96 per year.

Key Features

  • AI Summarization: Automatically summarizes articles and notes, making it easier to digest large amounts of information.
  • Multimedia Support: Save photos, articles, audio, and video, catering to a wide range of content types.
  • Audio Transcription & Summarization: Offers transcription and summarization for audio content, enhancing accessibility and understanding.
  • Privacy-Focused: Private bookmarks and profiles ensure your information stays secure while allowing you to control what you share.


ClipGPT Free

  • Cost: $0
  • Features:
    • Create an account for free
    • Save up to 5 bookmarks
    • Check out the site

ClipGPT Membership

  • Cost: $19.96 annually
  • Features:
    • AI summarizes your articles and notes
    • Save photos, articles, audio, & video
    • Audio Transcription & summarization
    • Photo uploads
    • Private bookmarks
    • Follow your friends
    • “Explore” feed for bookmark discovery
    • Email bookmarks to your account
    • Import bookmarks from other services
    • Browser addons for easy saving
    • Markdown for notes
    • Like and comment on links
    • Private profiles
    • Image bookmarks with GIF support
    • Rich media embeds

Please check here for more details about ClipGPT’s pricing.


AI-powered platform for summarizing and sharing bookmarks and notes

Key Features

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