What is InSummary

InSummary is an AI-powered tool that connects with your calendar to automate tasks such as generating performance reviews, status reports, self-evaluations, peer selection, and testimonials. It saves time by using calendar data to draft personalized reflections and reviews, allowing users to have an accurate and impactful review in 90% less time. The tool also provides weekly summaries, categorizes and contextualizes work streams, and offers customizable and easily shareable reports.

Key Features

  • Automated Performance Reviews: InSummary drafts self-evaluation responses using calendar data, significantly reducing the time required to prepare performance reviews.
  • Optimized Peer Selection: The tool identifies colleagues involved in impactful projects for insightful peer reviews.
  • Impactful Testimonials: Generates draft reviews for peers based on calendar data, which can be used for mutual feedback.
  • Automated Weekly Summaries: Users receive informative and personalized reports sent to their inbox every week.
  • Intelligently Categorized & Contextualized: Automatically identifies work streams, helping users understand time allocation and focus areas.
  • Customizable & Easily Shareable: Simplifies sharing progress with teams and managers, streamlining status updates.