Utilize the power of AI to read and analyze your documents

  • Extracts and summarizes information from multiple document formats

  • Backs every response with cited sources for accuracy

  • Offers a multi-document chat feature for more efficient data gathering


💲 Freemium


🛠️ API



What is ChatDOC?

ChatDOC is an advanced AI-driven document assistant designed to streamline the process of extracting and analyzing information from various types of files. The tool lets users query their documents interactively and receive instant, citation-backed answers.

Key Features

  • Query & Answer: Ask your document questions and get instant answers.
  • Text & Table Analysis: Select texts or tables and receive AI analysis.
  • Multi-Document Chat: Query across multiple documents for comprehensive research.
  • Citation Backing: Every AI response is backed by citations, enhancing reliability.
  • OCR Support: Optical Character Recognition for scanned files.

What Sets ChatDOC Apart

Here are some advantages of ChatDOC compared to other AI-driven file-reading assistants like Docsumo and ChatPDF:

  • Citation-Backed Responses: Unlike competitors, ChatDOC backs every response with citations.
  • Multi-Document Query: Ability to query across up to 30 documents at once.
  • Broad File Format Support: Supports a wide range of file formats including PDF, DOC, and EPUB.


Free Plan

  • Cost: $0
  • Features:
    • 2 files per day
    • 20 pages per file
    • 20 questions per day
    • Support for .pdf files

Pro Plan

  • Cost: $5.99 for 30 days
  • Features:
    • 300 files per 30 days
    • 500 pages per file
    • 300 questions per day
    • 500 OCR pages per 30 days
    • 30 files per collection
    • Support for .pdf, .doc, .docx, .md, .epub, .txt, website formats
    • Access to beta features

Please check here for more details about chatdoc ‘s pricing.



Utilize the power of AI to read and analyze your documents

Key Features

💲 Freemium
🛠️ API

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