What is Character.AI?

Character.AI is a web application based on neural language models that generate human-like responses. It allows users to interact with AI-generated characters in a conversational manner. Users can also create custom AI chatbots (Characters) with unique traits and capabilities.

Key Features

  • Chat With Various Characters: Users can chat with various user-generated Characters on over 15 themes, which include movie characters, famous personalities, and more.
  • Create a Character: The platform’s main feature includes creating your custom AI Character from scratch by adding a personalized name, greeting, and avatar. They can also set the Character’s visibility to Public and let other users fine-tune its responses through star-based feedback.

What Sets Character.AI Apart

Below are some advantages of Character.AI compared to other AI chatbot platform tools like Kajiwoto and Botify AI:

  • Character Creation: Unlike chatbot platforms like Kajiwoto and Botify AI, Character.AI grants users creative freedom when creating their custom Character, which can be based on anything.
  • User Feedback: Character.AI’s active user community can provide feedback on publicly available AI Characters, thus improving the capabilities of each user-generated Character.