An AI-powered platform for fast and efficient content creation

  • Bearly makes you 10x faster by adding AI to your workflow

  • Generate deep summaries and executive summaries

  • Available for MacOS, Windows, Linux, Mobile Web & Chrome Extension


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What is Bearly

Bearly is an AI-powered tool for reading, writing, and content creation, aimed at increasing productivity. It offers features such as deep summaries, image generation, grammar correction, and writing tools. Bearly allows users to drop in research papers, articles, and other documents to generate thorough summaries. It also provides an executive summary feature for saving time by highlighting key points and counter arguments. Many users have praised Bearly for its usefulness and efficiency.

Key Features

  • AI Workflow Integration: Enhances reading, writing, and content creation processes with AI technology.
  • HyperChat: An advanced AI chat feature that allows users to interact with any document.
  • Document Analysis: Users can analyze and ask questions across any document.
  • Executive Summaries: Extracts key points and counter arguments, saving time and effort.
  • Writing Tools: Offers grammar correction, copy generation, and blog generators for efficient writing.
  • Audio and Video Transcription: Convert podcasts, YouTube videos, or meeting recordings into interactive transcripts.
  • Real-time Web Access: Attach files and extract important information seamlessly.
  • Meeting Insights: Generate meeting minutes and identify key takeaways using Stability AI and Dall-e.
  • Model Flexibility: Access models from various AI providers without being locked into a single one.
  • Document Embedding: Provides real-time web access with every prompt or request.
  • Prompt Marketplace: Choose from over 50 reading and writing templates.
  • High Security: Bearly ensures zero logging, chat & docs encryption, and prioritizes user data safety.
  • Chrome Sidekick: Accessible as a Chrome extension for quick and easy access.


An AI-powered platform for fast and efficient content creation

Key Features

💲 Freemium
📱 Mobile App
🧩 Browser Extension

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