An AI Tool for personalized job application submissions

  • Automate your engineering job search with precision

  • Maximize interview opportunities with expertly reviewed applications

  • Tailored job matching for engineering professionals


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What is ApplyPass

ApplyPass is a platform that helps job seekers increase their chances of getting interviews by submitting tailored job applications on their behalf. They offer different plans with varying numbers of job applications per month, and their premium services include personalized profile optimization and a higher response rate from recruiters. ApplyPass uses its team’s recruiting experience and AI technology to provide quality applications and generate more interview opportunities for clients.

Key Features

  • Automated Job Applications: Automatically apply to hundreds of engineering jobs every month.
  • Personalized Review: Each application is personally reviewed for maximizing interview chances.
  • Job Matching: Get matched with jobs based on experience and preference.
  • Personalized Dashboard: Access to a personalized job dashboard with exclusive free courses and tools.
  • Experience and Success Rate: Over 50 years of collective team experience with a high success rate in generating interviews and job offers.


Starter Plan

  • Cost: Free
  • Features: 100 Job Applications

Traction Plan

  • Cost: $100 (or $20/month)
  • Features: 100 Job Applications per week

Accelerate Plan

  • Cost: $500 (or $100/month)
  • Features: 400+ Job Applications per week

Please check here for more details about ApplyPass’s pricing.


An AI Tool for personalized job application submissions

Key Features

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