What is AI Home Design

AI HomeDesign is a real estate photo editing platform that offers services such as interior design, virtual staging, image enhancement, day-to-dusk editing, and item removal. It uses AI technology to provide high-quality downloads without watermarks and unlimited regenerations. The platform is suitable for both individuals and businesses, with different pricing plans based on the user’s needs and volume of orders. AI HomeDesign aims to revolutionize visual marketing and redefine elegance, comfort, and style in interior design.

Key Features

  • AI Interior Design: Refurnish rooms based on preferred styles, offering a virtual glimpse of redesigned spaces.
  • AI Virtual Staging: Virtually furnish empty spaces, ideal for real estate showcasing.
  • AI Image Enhancement: Enhance real estate photos with advanced editing, from lighting to texture improvements.
  • AI Day to Dusk: Transform exterior photos with twilight effects, adding a magical touch.
  • AI Item Removal: Quickly remove unwanted items from photos using AI technology.
  • Room Types Customization: Choose room types for tailored furniture and design recommendations.
  • Diverse Style Selections: Offers a range of styles like Contemporary, Scandinavian, Urban/Industrial, etc.
  • Color Palettes and Materials: Customize designs with various color schemes and material choices.
  • High-Quality Downloads: Offers high-resolution downloads without watermarks.
  • Matching Shop: Direct purchase of furniture that fits the virtual design from retailers.
  • API Access: Provides API for seamless integration with other applications or websites.