Serverless, fully managed PostgreSQL for rapid application development

  • Zero-downtime schema migrations

  • Serverless managed PostgreSQL instances

  • Features include schema migrations, generative AI, and full-text search


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What is Xata

Xata is a serverless data platform for PostgreSQL that allows developers to build applications faster with a fully managed, scalable, and easily adaptable data layer. It offers features such as zero-downtime schema migrations, file attachments, generative AI, and full-text search. Xata is designed for code simplicity and easy collaboration, making it an ideal choice for businesses and developers.

Key Features of Xata

- Serverless Postgres: Every database is a highly available, fully managed Postgres environment, ensuring performance and scalability.

- Zero-Downtime Schema Migrations: Perform zero-downtime, reversible schema migrations and data backfilling without impacting production.

- File Attachments: Attach files and images of any size directly to your database records, simplifying file storage.

- Generative AI: Store vector embeddings and query your data for chat, similarity search, personalization, and more.

- Full-Text Search: Out-of-the-box, typo-tolerant, and relevancy-based full-text search capabilities.

- Database Branching: Create branches of your database for development, staging, and production, facilitating seamless migrations in GitHub.

- Open Source pgroll: Enjoy safe and reversible schema updates with the open-source tool pgroll, which supports instantaneous rollbacks and real-time backfilling.

- Build Postgres Extensions with pgzx: Utilize Zig to build Postgres extensions effectively, extending the database functionalities.

- Optimized for Developers: Features a type-safe SDK, CLI for local development, and SQL querying, enhancing developer experience.

- Support for Popular Frameworks and Tools: Works seamlessly with Astro, Next.js, Nuxt.js, Remix, Svelte, and more, ensuring versatility.

- Collaborative Dashboard: Data entry and management are accessible to the whole team through the table, schema, and search editors.

- Elastic Scaling: Auto-scaling with tenant isolation, making scale-up and out as straightforward as possible with predictable costs.


Free Plan:

  • Cost: $0/month
  • Best For: Personal projects and new ideas
  • Features:
    • Shared environments
    • 10 database branches
    • High availability
    • 15 GB data storage
    • 15 GB search engine storage
    • 2 GB file attachments
    • 250 AI queries per month

Pro Plan:

  • Cost: Usage-based pricing
  • Best For: Small to medium sized teams delivering applications at scale
  • Features: All features from the Free plan, plus:
    • $20 monthly usage included
    • Dedicated database clusters
    • Multiple availability zones
    • Support-assisted daily backups
    • Point-in-time recovery
    • Auto-scaling
    • Support SLAs

Enterprise Plan:

  • Cost: Custom pricing
  • Best For: High scale use cases and large teams
  • Features: All features from the Pro plan, plus:
    • Unlimited database branches
    • Bring your own AWS account
    • Single sign-on (SSO) (coming soon)
    • Volume discounts
    • Dedicated support

Additional Costs and Features:

  • Shared database cluster:
    • Branches: 50 branches + $1 per additional branch
    • Storage: $0.10 per GB/month
    • Compute: Starting at $0.07 per GB/RAM/hr
    • I/O rate: $0.20 per million requests
    • Data transfer: $0.09 per GB

  • Search Engine:
    • Storage: $2.50 per additional GB

  • File Attachments:
    • Storage: 2 GB + $0.10 per additional GB
    • Image transformations: 10k transformations + $1 per additional 10k transformations

  • AI Questions:
    • Questions: 250 questions + $5 per additional 100 questions


Serverless, fully managed PostgreSQL for rapid application development

Key Features

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