Writers Brew

AI writing assistant app for macOS that improves writing and productivity

  • Transforms any text editor into an AI-powered writing tool

  • Enhances writing efficiency with over 60 specialized tools

  • Streamlines writing across platforms with built-in OCR and smart replies


💰 Paid


🧩 Browser Extension

What is Writers Brew

Writers Brew is an AI assistant app designed for everyday writing on macOS. It works across all browsers, native apps, and electron apps, helping users turn rough notes into finished drafts. The app includes various features such as the Brew magic writer, snippets, smart email reply drafts, and OCR to generative AI. Writers Brew is cost-effective and offers 60+ writing tools, presets, and utilities. It can be used in multiple ways, including a menu bar app, chat, or full app. Users can also earn a 30% commission by joining the affiliate program.

Key Features

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Works across all browsers, native apps, and electron apps.
  • AI-Powered Writing Assistance: Helps in transforming rough notes into polished drafts.
  • Built-in OCR: Extracts and transforms text from images using AI.
  • Cost-Effective: Significantly cheaper by using your own OpenAI key.
  • Versatile Writing Tools: Over 60 writing tools to aid in various writing tasks.
  • Build Your Own Presets (BYOP): Customize and save your own prompts as presets.
  • Raycast-Like Menu: Accessible anytime with a keyboard shortcut.
  • Chat with Quick Presets: Easy access to writing tools and features.
  • Menubar Accessibility: Instantly accessible with just a click.
  • Smart Reply to Emails: Generates text and creates drafts in email clients.
  • OCR to AI: Uses OCR engine to extract text from images for further processing.


WritersBrew Pro Plan

  • Cost:
    • Regular Price: $39
    • Additinal 2 Licenses: $29
  • Features:
    • 60+ writing tools
    • Build Your Own Presets (BYOP)
    • 12+ languages support
    • 50+ Community presets
    • Unlimited Snippets
    • Smart Features (Continue writing, Brew magic writer, Smart email reply drafts, OCR to generative AI)
    • Integration with Raycast and Popclip
    • AI Models: ChatGPT/GPT-Turbo 3.5, GPT-4
    • Designed for macOS (Monterey & later)
    • Privacy-friendly
    • Lifetime use with 1 year free updates

WritersBrew Bundle Offer

  • Cost: $49
  • Includes:
    • Spaces app ($19 value)
    • Zen Mode app ($14.99 value)
    • Writer’s brew AI Pro+ app ($39 value)
    • Audio writer app ($39 value)
    • Lifetime free access to Spaces & Zen Mode
    • Lifetime use with 1 year updates for Writers brew & Audio writer apps

Please check here for more details about Writers Brew’s pricing.

Writers Brew

AI writing assistant app for macOS that improves writing and productivity

Key Features

💰 Paid
🧩 Browser Extension

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