What is Virtual Face

Virtual Face is an AI-powered platform that offers professional headshots in minutes. Users can upload their photos, and the advanced algorithm creates over 56 variations of high-quality headshots. The platform also provides a portfolio of styles to choose from. It offers a money back guarantee, ensures privacy of uploaded photos, and uses secure payment processing. Users can use the generated headshots on platforms like LinkedIn. Virtual Face also offers an affiliate program for those interested in promoting the platform.

Key Features

  • AI-powered headshot creation: Get high-quality AI headshots in minutes.
  • Portfolio of styles: Choose from a variety of professional headshot styles.
  • Privacy and security: Uploaded photos remain private and are deleted from servers after 7 days.
  • Recommended photo variations: Upload photos with different backgrounds, outfits, and facial expressions for best results.
  • Supported image formats: JPEG, PNG, WebP, HEIC, AVIF, TIFF.
  • User-focused AI training: Your photos are used to train your own fine-tuned model, not for other users.
  • Fast results: Quickly produce over 120+ pictures for professional headshots.