Viggle AI

Create visual effects by blending video motion with images using AI

  • AI-powered platform for creating stunning visual effects

  • Analyzes movement patterns in video clips and merges them with pictures

  • Offers Mix, Animate, and Ideate features for personalized animations


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What is Viggle AI

Viggle AI is a tool that allows users to create unique visual effects by analyzing movement patterns in videos and merging them with images. Using the JST-1 machine learning model, it offers features like Mix for combining images and videos, Animate for basic photo animations, and Ideate for generating animations from text prompts.

Key Features of Viggle AI

- JST-1 Machine Learning Model: Powered by the JST-1, the first video-3D foundation model with actual physics understanding.

- Easy Character Animation: Allows users to make any character move as they want.

- Mix Feature: Enables users to merge a character image into a motion video by employing the ‘/mix’ command.

- Animate Feature: Provides basic animation capabilities from photos through the ‘/animate’ command.

- Ideate Feature: Generates unique animations from text prompts using the ‘/ideate’ command.

- Personalized Animations: Users can create personalized animations effortlessly by joining the Viggle Discord server and using various commands.

- Free to Use: Viggle AI is free, making it accessible for both professionals and enthusiasts.

- Broad Application: Ideal for creating social media content and dynamic presentations.

- Analyzes Movement Patterns: Dissects movement patterns from video clips to merge them seamlessly with pictures.

- User-Generated Visual Effects: Enables crafting of stunning visual effects quickly and easily.

Viggle AI

Create visual effects by blending video motion with images using AI

Key Features

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