AI-powered SMS marketing with automation and powerful features

  • Automate lead nurturing with SMS marketing features

  • Wide range of features for effective SMS communication

  • Suitable for various industries including real estate and healthcare


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What is Textdrip

Textdrip is an SMS marketing software platform that offers a suite of features to automate text messaging and engage customers. It provides tools for scheduling messages, creating drip campaigns, personalization, bulk texting, and more. Textdrip is used by businesses in various industries such as real estate, insurance, hotels, healthcare, and non-profit. It also offers AI-powered features like spintext and AI text generator to enhance messaging.

Key Features

  • Multi-Number: Manage multiple numbers in one account for broader SMS marketing.
  • SMS Automation: Automate text messages for sales, promotions, and lead generation.
  • Schedule Messages: Plan texts for specific dates and times, including auto-replies.
  • Drip Campaigns: Send a series of automated, personalized texts to nurture leads.
  • Multi-Profile: Add team profiles to enhance SMS marketing capabilities.
  • Bulk Texting: Send messages in bulk to all subscribers simultaneously.
  • Two-way Texting: Supports interactive conversations with users.
  • MMS/Image Messaging: Attach images or GIFs to messages to boost engagement.
  • Bucket: Automate lead distribution and campaign assignment.
  • Page Builder: Collect customer information for campaign inclusion.
  • Personalization: Tailor messages to engage users and drive traffic.
  • Quick Responses: Use pre-defined responses for efficient user engagement.


1-Month Trial:

  • Cost: Free
  • Features:
    • 1,000 free credits to start
    • Automatic top-up method
    • $0.012 per credit ($12 for 1,000 credits)
    • Automatic recharge of 3,333 credits for $40 when balance falls below 500 credits

Standard Plan (Post-Trial)

  • Cost: $34.99/month
  • Features:
    • Continuation of the automatic top-up system
    • All-inclusive monthly subscription covering carrier charges and other fees
    • Access to premium features like multi-number, multi-profile, AI tools, credit sharing, etc.
    • No separate charges for premium features
    • 10-digit long code number assigned for text messaging
    • Compliance with 10 DLC regulations for enhanced messaging ecosystem

Additional Information:

  • Credit System: Each message segment sent deducts 1 credit. Messages over 160 characters count as multiple segments.
  • Temporary Number: Provided initially to new customers until 10DLC registration is complete.
  • Service Availability: Currently limited to businesses registered in the United States.

Please check here for more details about Textdrip’s pricing.


AI-powered SMS marketing with automation and powerful features

Key Features

💰 Paid
📱 Mobile App
⏳ Free Trial

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