A fast and optimized alternative for WordPress

  • Auto-optimized for SEO and speed

  • AI Helper generates blog post outlines

  • Focus on writing, not fixing


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🛠️ API
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What is Superblog

Superblog is a fast, SEO-optimized alternative blogging platform for WordPress and Medium blogs. It offers easy setup, maintenance, and optimization, allowing users to focus on writing content. Superblog includes features such as AI-generated post outlines, automatic SEO optimization, and beautiful design options. Users can also migrate their existing blogs from other platforms in just a few minutes.

Key Features

  • Easy Setup and Maintenance: The platform is auto-optimized for SEO and speed, allowing users to focus on content creation rather than technical setup and maintenance.
  • Beautiful Design and Readability: Superblog offers a variety of layouts, fonts, and text spacing options, ensuring a visually appealing and easily readable blog.
  • Automated Optimization: Superblog leverages AI to optimize blogs for SEO, scoring high in Google Lighthouse and Core Web Vitals, without the need for hiring experts.
  • AI Helper: The AI Helper feature generates blog post outlines from keywords or topics within seconds, saving users time and effort in content creation.
  • Domain Connectivity and Migration: Users can connect their own domain to Superblog and easily migrate existing blogs from major platforms in minutes.


Superblog Basic:

  • Cost: $29/month
  • For individuals
  • Connect your domain
  • 1 Team member
  • Less than 100,000 pageviews/mo
  • Less than 500 posts
  • Subdirectory hosting
  • Remove Superblog branding
  • Free SSL & CDN
  • Schedule Posts
  • Privacy-friendly Analytics
  • Share drafts via links
  • Collaborative review of posts
  • AI Helper
  • Zapier integration
  • Spreadsheet to blog posts
  • API Access

Superblog Pro (Most Popular):

  • Cost: $49/month
  • For startups and small teams
  • All Basic plan features
  • Up to 5 Team members
  • Less than 1,000 posts

Superblog Super:

  • Cost: $99/month
  • For companies and large teams
  • All Pro plan features
  • Up to 10 Team members
  • Less than 10,000 posts
  • API Access (self-serve)

Please check here for more details about Superblog’s pricing.



A fast and optimized alternative for WordPress

Key Features

💰 Paid
🛠️ API
⏳ Free Trial

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