Summarize web content, engage readers, and suggest products using AI

  • Enhance reading experience with AI-powered summaries

  • Suggests relevant products to readers

  • Installs without coding skills


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What is Summer

Summer is an AI-powered tool designed to create concise summaries of your web content, boost reader engagement, and suggest relevant products. It seamlessly integrates into websites without requiring coding skills and offers features like custom guidelines, detailed user behavior statistics, and consistent language usage. Summer aims to enhance the user experience by providing quick, contextually relevant information while promoting products and increasing lead generation.

Key Features of Summer

- AI Summary Button: Seamlessly integrates a button on your blog for readers to get AI-generated content summaries.

- No Coding Required: Hassle-free installation on your blog or custom website without needing any coding skills.

- Instant Summary: Automatically generates short summaries of your webpage content for quick consumption.

- Contextual Suggestions: Offers the most relevant articles or products based on the content, enhancing user engagement and sales opportunities.

- Subscription Service: Allows users to subscribe weekly to summaries customized as per your guidelines, driving consistent engagement.

- Detailed User Statistics: Provides comprehensive statistics on reader behavior, helping you understand and optimize user interactions.

- Lead Generation: Automatically generates and sends letters to new blog subscribers, creating a new stream of potential leads.

- Seamless Product Offers: Displays relevant product suggestions alongside articles to facilitate easy navigation and purchases.

- Quick Setup: Install in minutes and customize instructions without any technical depth, making implementation straightforward.

- No Negative SEO Impact: Operates without affecting your SEO negatively while boosting accessibility.


Here is the summarized pricing information for Summer:

Tester Plan:

- Cost: Free

- Features:

  • Analytics & Insights panel
  • 500 activations
  • Showcase relevant products
  • Subscription to summaries

Light Plan:

- Cost: $9/month

- Features:

  • Everything from the Free plan
  • 5000 activations per month
  • Premium Support
  • Early access to new features

Pro Plan:

- Cost: $29/month

- Features:

  • Everything from the Light plan
  • 25000 activations per month
  • Summer for Media

Enterprise Plan:

- Capabilities:

  • Designed for large-scale media platforms and content-heavy publishers
  • Seamless integration
  • Premium support
  • Customizable pricing

- Action: Contact Sales for pricing and details.


Summarize web content, engage readers, and suggest products using AI

Key Features

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