What is Subtxt

Subtxt is an AI-powered tool that helps writers improve their storytelling. By uploading a draft, users can receive expert advice and actionable steps to enhance their writing. Subtxt’s intelligent chatbot companion, Muse, guides writers in maintaining narrative coherence and direction. The platform offers different plans, providing various features such as narrative structures, premise building, and story analysis.

Key Features

  • Narrative Theory Integration: Utilizes narrative theory to guide the storytelling process, ensuring depth and coherence.
  • AI Companion Muse: A chatbot companion that provides personalized story consultations, resonating with the author’s intention and style.
  • Predictive Narrative Framework: Employs a time-tested narrative framework to help craft compelling narratives.
  • Intelligent Assistance: Offers insights and suggestions to keep the narrative on track without compromising the author’s voice.
  • Creative Process Support: Designed to work alongside the author, enhancing creativity rather than dictating the story’s direction.