What is StoryBooks

StoryBooks is an online platform that allows users to easily create personalized stories for children. Users can customize storylines, illustrations, and even incorporate familiar faces into the stories. The platform offers a variety of features to enrich the stories, such as reflection questions, memory challenges, physical activities, and more. It aims to develop children’s reading skills, nurture their imagination, and support their social-emotional intelligence.

Key Features

  • Personalized Children’s Stories: Allows for the creation of personalized stories to spark imagination, build confidence, and inspire a love for reading.
  • Custom Storylines and Illustrations: Users can customize their own storylines and choose from over 20 illustration styles, including origami art, anime, and comic book style.
  • Character Creation: Offers the ability to create characters, including family members and pets, to join the storytime fun.
  • Multilingual Support: Perfect for multilingual families or those learning a new language, providing diverse and inclusive stories.