Optimize e-commerce with AI image processing and content generation

  • AI-powered image generator with automated post-processing

  • Generates SEO-optimized product descriptions from images

  • Boosts engagement, conversion rates, and workflow efficiency


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What is SolidGrids

SolidGrids is an AI-driven platform designed to enhance e-commerce through advanced image processing and content generation. It streamlines workflows by automating tasks like background removal and generating SEO-optimized product copy from images, saving time and improving productivity.

Key Features of SolidGrids

- Generative AI for Retail: Transform retail content through advanced generative AI, providing high-quality images with consistent branding and quality.

- Automated Image Post-Processing: Generate stunning images with automatic background removal and post-processing, ensuring a cohesive look for your store.

- Workflow Optimization: Streamline and save hours in your workflow with innovative automation, allowing creative teams to focus on higher-value tasks.

- Enhanced Engagement and Conversion: High-quality images elevate engagement and can boost conversion rates by up to 25%, enhancing product visibility and customer trust.

- Background Removal: Automatically exclude picture backdrops to maintain a uniform catalog appearance, enhancing the visual appeal of product listings.

- Custom Image Modifications: Modify padding, aspect ratios, shadows, and more to create a cohesive and professional look.

- Automatic Banner Creation: Generate eye-catching banners from single items or various visuals to increase visibility and conversion rates.

- Copy and SEO Generation: Automatically generate product copy and SEO content from just an image, driving traffic and improving search engine rankings.

- Faster Image Processing: Cut processing times by up to 50% through automated image tasks, improving overall efficiency.


Optimize e-commerce with AI image processing and content generation

Key Features

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