AI-powered influencer marketing platform for finding and activating niche creators

  • Influencer marketing platform for finding and activating creators

  • AI-powered campaign planning, execution, and tracking

  • 100+ niches and full control over Creators and content


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What is Roundabout

Roundabout is a micro influencer marketing platform that helps businesses find and activate niche creators for their campaigns. The platform offers features such as finding validated creators, calculating campaign prices, writing briefs, and tracking campaign performance. Roundabout aims to provide transparency, flexibility, and control to businesses using influencer marketing.

Key Features

  • Niche & Geography Accuracy: Precision in influencer research across various niches and geographical locations.
  • Creator Selection & Invitation: Control over choosing creators and the storytelling for campaigns.
  • Transparent Data & Process: Full transparency over data, process, and content production.
  • Pre-Selection and Validation of Creators: Ensures creators have validated insight data, safe engagement rates, and no fake followers.
  • Automation with Strategic Support: A self-service platform with streamlined management and strategic support when needed.
  • Diverse Industry Coverage: Suitable for industries like F&B, Beauty & Apparel, Health & Wellness, etc.


Roundabout Free Plan

  • Cost: €0 (forever)
  • Features:
    • Influencer lists (+60 niches, validated)
    • AI Lookalike profiles
    • Influencer insight data performances
    • Campaign budgeting
    • Campaign brief creation
    • No credit card required

Roundabout Pay-per-Campaign

  • Cost: Starting from €143 for 1 Post + 5 Stories (minimum of 4 influencers)
  • Features:
    • Beyond the free plan features
    • Influencer agreements automation
    • Influencer payment automation
    • Real-time campaign reports
    • Multi-campaigns
    • PED management
    • Shipping management
    • Discounts for frequent campaigns (5% off for one campaign every 3 months, 10% off for one campaign every month)

Roundabout Annual Partnership Program (For Agencies)

  • Features:
    • Access to partners’ Discount OR Cashback
    • Access to Partner content
    • Multiple campaigns on different customers
    • Priority support
    • Custom solutions for expanded license of use for advertising purposes
    • Option to use creators for content creation only

Please check here for more details about Roundabout’s pricing.


AI-powered influencer marketing platform for finding and activating niche creators

Key Features

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