AI digital asset manager for efficient photo organization, editing, and hosting

  • AI-driven photo organization

  • Fastest DAM with smart features and real-time collaboration

  • Streamline photography workflow and enhance team productivity


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What is Raster

Raster is a digital asset manager designed for modern teams, streamlining the organization, editing, and hosting of photography. Its AI-powered features and collaborative tools enable faster and more efficient workflows across marketing, design, and engineering teams. Raster's innovative approach reduces the time required for tasks significantly, leveraging smart tags and nondestructive editing to enhance productivity.

Key Features of Raster

- Photography Management: Raster saves time for modern teams by organizing, editing, and hosting photography.

- Speed Advantage: Not only is Raster the fastest DAM on the planet, it also features smart functionalities to enhance your team's performance.

- AI-Powered Editor: Raster’s editor, powered by AI, helps streamline and enhance photo editing tasks.

- Realtime Collaboration: Facilitate efficient teamwork with real-time collaboration features, ensuring smoother project workflows.

- Flexible Image Editing: Deploy a unique Raster image URL and edit the image in post-production, even after it’s been shipped, simplifying ongoing adjustments.

- Raster Method: The Raster method reduces photography management time, minimizing friction across marketing, design, and engineering teams from 25 minutes to just 30 seconds.

- AI-Driven Organization: Raster utilizes class-leading AI for smart tagging and organization, making storage and retrieval of digital assets effortless.

- Nondestructive Editing: Allow for collaborative, nondestructive editing directly within Raster, eliminating the need for multiple file versions and manual uploads.

- Robust Hosting: Supported by an in-house CDN built on AWS and Vercel, Raster serves billions of images daily, ensuring unmatched speed and reliability.

- Unified Solution: Provides a comprehensive photo management solution that developers, designers, and marketing teams can all align with.


Personal Plan:

  • Cost: Free, forever
  • Storage: ~10GB
  • Libraries: 3
  • Features: AI tagging, Basic EXIF metadata, Editing with 21+ adjustments, and serving all images on an ultra-fast CDN

Team Plan:

  • Cost: $9 per user per month
  • Storage: Unlimited (with fair use policy)
  • Libraries: 50
  • Features: Live collaboration, Reverse image search, Advanced EXIF metadata

Enterprise Plan:

  • Cost: Custom pricing (Contact sales)
  • Storage: Unlimited (with fair use policy)
  • Libraries: Unlimited
  • Additional Features: Organization-wide presets, SLA with 100% uptime guarantee, Email support, Prioritized feature requests, and a dedicated Slack channel


AI digital asset manager for efficient photo organization, editing, and hosting

Key Features

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