Generate and customize AI-driven parametric QR codes

  • Generative AI QR code creation

  • Advanced customizable QR code design features

  • Supported by substantial user and GitHub community


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What is QRBTF AI

QRBTF AI is a tool developed by Latent Cat that allows users to generate parametric QR codes using generative AI. It features customizable options for QR code design including prompts, negative prompts, control strength, and restoration rate. The platform supports high-quality QR code creation with advanced features and is backed by a substantial user base and GitHub community.

Key Features of QRBTF AI

- AI-Powered QR Code Generation: Utilizes generative AI to create custom QR codes based on user-provided English keywords.

- Negative Prompt Feature: Allows users to specify elements they do not want to include in the generated QR code.

- Seed Control Strength: Offers control over the randomization seed to fine-tune the uniqueness and appearance of QR codes.

- Prompt Tuning: Enables users to adjust prompts to refine and achieve the desired aesthetic and functional outcomes.

- Restoration Rate: Provides options to control how much of the original prompt is restored in the final QR code.

- Multiple Size Options: Supports QR code resolutions including 1152px and 1536px.

- Custom Padding Ratios: Allows users to adjust the padding ratio to suit different design needs.

- Various Anchor Styles: Offers different anchor styles such as square, circle, and minimal to customize the QR code appearance.



  • Cost: $0
  • Features:
    • Fast Generation
    • 10 AI QR Codes Per Day


  • Cost: $20 per month
  • Features:
    • Unlimited Generation (with rate limit)
    • Generating using Discord Bot
    • Community & Email Support

Parametric QR Code:

  • Cost: Free
  • Features:
    • Free Forever
    • Open Source
    • Various Styles With No Backend Required
    • Support For SVG Format


Generate and customize AI-driven parametric QR codes

Key Features

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